VisualBeads and MovieBeads

Version 3, April 2005

VisualBeads and MovieBeads are computer program for the visualization of bead-and-connector models. The user has to supply the information on bead coordinates and sizes, connected beads and connector sizes. The program produces a graphics file that can be visualized using common, public-domanain utilities. VisualBeads produce static snapshots, and MovieBeads generates an animation of the model's motion

For more details, see the VisualBeads User Guide

Files for download:

VisualBeads-3-msd.exe Executable Windows/MSDOS
VisualBeads-3-g77.exe Executable Linux (G77 Fortran)
VisualBeads-3-ifc.exe Executable Linux (Intel Fortran)
MovieBeads-3-msd.exe Executable Windows/MSDOS
MovieBeads-3-g77.exe Executable Linux (G77 Fortran)
MovieBeads-3-ifc.exe Executable Linux (Intel Fortran)
VisualBeads3.pdf PDF VisualBeads User Guide
VisualBeads3Appendix.pdf PDF Appendix to VisualBeads User Guide Win-Zipped Colection of input and output for various examples

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