version 2.0

This program is a tool to carry out all the calculations required for the experimental determination of intrinsic viscosities, including the double extrapolation (Huggins/Kraemer), which is computed using a special least squares procedure. The literature reference is:

M.C. López Martínez, F.G. Díaz Baños, A. Ortega and J. García de la Torre, "Multiple Linear-Squares with a Common Intercept. Application to the Determination of the Intrinsic Viscosity of Macromolecules in Solution", J. Chem. Educ. 80, 1036-1038 (2003).

For more details, please see the PDF file containing the User's Guide. Executables for MSDOS/Windows and Linux are available

NOTE: The preliminary versions of these files were deposited in the Web site of Journal of Chemical Education. We advise to download the files from our own (this) Web site, which will always contain the latest versions

VISFIT visfit_2-msd.exe Executable WIN/MS-DOS Version 2.0
VISFIT visfit_2-lnx.exe Executable Linux Version 2.0
VISFIT UserVisfit_2.pdf PDF User Guide 2.0
VISFIT data-mode1.txt Text Input file, mode 1
VISFIT data-mode2.txt Text Input file, mode 2
VISFIT outputres-2.txt Text Results file from data-mode2.txt
VISFIT outputgra-2.txt Text Output for graphics from data-mode2.txt
VISFIT VisfitPaper.pdf PDF Paper in J. Chem. Educ.

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