Version 1, June 2008

R. Pamies, J.G. Hernández Cifre, M.C. López Martínez, and J. García de la Torre, "Determination of intrinsic viscosities of macromolecules and nanoparticles. Comparison of single-point and dilution procedures" Colloid Polym. Sci. 286, 1223-1231 (2008).

The intrinsic viscosity, is an important property in order to characterize macromolecules and nanoparticles. The evaluation of the intrinsic viscosity by single-point determination, like that based on the Solomon-Ciuta equation, is an efficient alternative to dilute solution procedures. However, single-point procedures have a bias respect to the value obtained by dilute procedures that depends on the strength of the concentration dependence of the solution viscosity (represented by the intrinsic viscosity and the Huggins constant) and the concentration of the single measured solution. The SCVISCOR program corrects the experimental value of the intrinsic viscosity obtained by the single-point Solomon-Ciuta method. For that purpose, the user must supply an estimate value for the system Huggins constant. The SIMULERROR program simulates a viscometric experiment and evaluates the systematic and global errors for different procedures: Huggins (dilute solution viscosimetry), single-point Solomon-Ciuta and corrected Solomon-Ciuta.

For more details, see the User Guides for SCVISCOR and SIMULERROR

Files for download:

intvis-SC-paper.pdf PDF Paper on determination of intrinsic viscosity by dilution and single-point procedures
SCviscorGuide.pdf PDF User Guide for program SCVISCOR
SimulErrorGuide.pdf PDF User Guide for program SIMULERROR
SimulError_1a-in.txt ASCII Sample input data file for SIMULERROR
SimulError_1a-out.txt ASCII Sample results file for SIMULERROR
SCviscor_1-msd.exe MS DOS/Windows .exe Executable
SimulError_1a-msd.exe MS DOS/Windows .exe Executable

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