Version 13, September 2005

J. García de la Torre, B. Carrasco and S.E. Harding. "SOLPRO: theory and computer program for the prediction of SOLution PROperties of rigid macromolecules and bioparticles". Eur. Biophys. J. 25, 361-372 (1997)

J. García de la Torre, S.E. Harding and B. Carrasco. "Calculation of NMR relaxation, covolume and scattering of properties of bead models using the SOLPRO computer program". Eur. Biophys. J. 28, 119-132 (1999)

The HYDRO family of programs (HYDRO, HYDROPRO, HYDROMIC, HYDROSUB, HYDROPIX,...) provides the basic solution properties, including hydrodynamic coefficients, radius of gyration and covolume, scattering-related properties, etc. SOLPRO is an ancillary program intended for the calculation of two other classes of solution properties

For more details, see the SOLPRO User Guide

Files for download:

solpro13.pdf PDF User Guide
solpro13msd.exe Executable MS DOS/Windows
solpro.dat ASCII Sample of main input file
hydroigg3.sol Binay Sample of input for SOLPRO (from HYDRO calculation of IgG3) ASCII Results from the above file

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