Version 1, June 2008

J. García de la Torre, J.G. Hernández Cifre, and M.C. López Martínez, "Prediction of solution properties of flexible-chain polymers: a computer-simulation undergraduate experiment" Eur. J. Phys.29, 945-956 (2008).

POLYCARLO is a computer program implementing conformational statistics and dilute solution properties of flexible polymers, coarse-grained modeling, computer simulation (Monte Carlo) procedures, macromolecular hydrodynamics, etc. It has been devised as an educational tool so that it is easy to use in order to carry out instructive computational experiments for the teaching of a variety of disciplines at the undergraduate level.

For more details, see the POLYCARLO User Guide

Files for download:

polycarlo-paper.pdf PDF Paper on POLYCARLO
polycarlo-supplement.pdf PDF User Guide
exampleGSLJ-d.txt ASCII Sample data file
exampleGSLJ-r.txt ASCII Sample results file
polycarlo-msd.exe MS DOS/Windows .exe Executable
polycarlo-lnx.exe Linux (32 bits) .exe Executable

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