Version 3, September 2011

J. García de la Torre, A. Ortega, H.E. Pérez Sánchez, A. Ortega and J.G. Hernández, "MULTIHYDRO and MONTEHYDRO: Conformational search and Monte Carlo calculation of solution properties of rigid and flexible bead models" Biophys. Chem 116,121-128 (2005).

MULTIHYDRO is a Fortran source code intended to generate a number of conformations of a bead model, and prepare the files for the calculation of the solution properties of each of them using HYDRO. The user just has to insert two pieces of code regarding the specific data, model and simulation conditions

For more details, see the MULTIHYDRO User Guide

Files for download:

multihydro3c.pdf PDF User Guide
multihydro3-template.for FORTRAN Source code (template)
multihydro3-full.for FORTRAN Source code for a full example

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