Version 7c, December 2005

J. García de la Torre and B. Carrasco, "Hydrodynamic properties of rigid macromolecules composed of ellipsoidal and cylindrical subunits", Biopolymers 63, 163-167 (2002).

For the utilization of HYDROSUB along with the MONTESUB program, see:

J. García de la Torre, H.E. Pérez Sánchez, A. Ortega, J.G. Hernández, M.X. Fernandes, F.G. Díaz and M.C. López Martínez, "Calculation of the solution properties of flexible macromolecules: methods and applications" Eur. Biophys. J. 32, 477-486 (2003).

HYDROSUB is a computer program for the calculation of solution properties of a macromolecular or supramolecular structure modeled as an assembly of subunits having ellipsoidal and/or cylindrical shapes. The subunits are represented using a variation of the bead/shell method, which is particularly suitable for symmetric structures. The user just has to specify, for each subunit, the coordinates of their centers and the polar angles of their symmetry axis. Additionally, the model may contain spherical elements (beads) which are not shell-modelled

For more details, see the HYDROSUB 7c User Guide

Files for download:

hydrosub.pdf PDF First paper on HYDROSUB
montesubpaper.pdf PDF Paper describing 7c extensions
hydrosub7c.pdf MS Word User Guide, version 7c
hydrosub7cmsd.exe Executable MS DOS/Windows
hydrosub7clnx.exe Executable Linux
hydrosub.dat ASCII Sample of main input file
igg100.txt ASCII Sample of structural file
igg100.res ASCII Individual results for igg100
igg100.sol Binary SOLPRO file igg100
igg100.vrml VRML VRML file for igg100
igg100.bea PDB PDB file for igg100
dimer001.txt ASCII Sample of structural file
dimer001.res ASCII Individual results for dimer001
dimer001.sol Binary SOLPRO file dimer001
dimer001.vrml VRML VRML file for dimer001
dimer001.bea PDB PDB file for dimer001
dimer001.bmp BMP BMP image of dimer001
summary.txt ASCII Results from hydrosub.dat

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