(including MAKEPIXB)

Version 7c, February 2006

J. García de la Torre, "Building hydrodynamic bead-shell models for rigid bioparticles of arbitrary shape" Biophys. Chem., 94, 265-274 (2001).

HYDROPIX is a computer program for the calculation of solution properties of macromolecular or supramolecular structures having an arbitrary shape, using bead-shell models. The task of building and specifying the hydrodynamic model is left to the user, but for this purpose we provide an ancillary FORTRAN program, MAKEPIXB, which just requires some extra lines of code that specify the dimensions and shape of the structure.

For more details, see the HYDROPIX User Guide

Files for download:

hydropix.pdf PDF Paper on HYDROPIX
hydropix7c.pdf PDF User Guide
makepixb5a.for FORTRAN Program to make pixbit files
conditions.for FORTRAN One of the two include file
maxdims.for FORTRAN The other include file
hollowdisk.pxb pixbit Generated with these include files
hydropix5amsd.exe Executable MS DOS/Windows
hydropix5alnx.exe Executable Linux
hydropix.dat ASCII Sample of main input file
hollowdisk.res ASCII Results from the above files
hollowdisk-she.bea ASCII - PDB Visualization (RASMOL) of shell model

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