Version 10, September 2011

J. García de la Torre, G. del Rio and A. Ortega, "Improved calculation of rotational diffusion and intrinsic viscosity of bead models for macromolecules and nanoparticles", J. Phys. Chem. B 111, 955-961 (2007).

Details for the calculation of intrinsic viscosities are described in:

J. García de la Torre, D. Amorós, A. Ortega, "Intrinsic viscosity of bead models for macromolecules and nanoparticles" Eur. Biophys. J. 39, 381-388 (2010).

HYDRO++ is a program for the calculation of hydrodynamic coefficients and other solution properties of rigid macromolecules, colloidal particles, etc, employing bead models. In strict sense, bead models are those in which the shape and volume of the particle are modeled as an array of spheres (beads) of arbitrary – equal or unequal – size. The classical HYDRO program that has been available from us for many years, is now improved for very accurate calculations of rotational properties and the intrinsic viscosity.

Note that there is another, different, modeling strategy based on bead-shell models. This alternative methodology is implemented in other programs of our suite (HYDROPRO, HYDRONMR, HYDROMIC, HYDROPIX, HYDROSUB, etc). The user of HYDRO has to build previously the bead model, which will be specified as a list of Cartesian coordinates and radii of the beads.

For more details, see the HYDRO User Guide

NEW!!! The new, version 10 of HYDRO++ has been entirely rewritten in Fortran 90, in order to take advantage of the high performance computing platforms that are nowadays available even in simple personal computers with multiple (Dual, Quad,…) computing cores.

NEW!!! Furthermore, version 10 of HYDRO++ comes with a Graphical User Interface for MS Windows, WinHydro++, which can make the -already simple- use of the program, even more user-friendly (nontheless, the files-driven version will be the choice for intensive, high-throughput applications).

Files for download:

hydro++10.pdf PDF User Guide
hydro++10.zip WinZip All files in compressed folder
hydro++contents.txt ASCII Contents of the zip file
WinHydro++10.pdf PDF User Guide
WinHydro++10.zip WinZip All files in compressed folder
WinHydro++contents.txt ASCII Contents of the zip file

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