version 1.c, September 2006

Our program BrownRig simulates Brownian dynamics trajectories of rigid particles in the presence of external agents, like electric fiels, hard walls, etc. The procedure is described in: M.X. Fernandes and J. García de la Torre, "Brownian dynamics simulation of rigid particles of arbitrary shape in external fields". Biophys. J. (2002) 83:3039-3048.

For more details, please see the User's Guide

BrownRig object files and executables for MSDOS/Windows and Linux are available. We also supply the g77 compiler for MSDOS/Windows:

BrownRig BrownRig-paper.pdf PDF file Paper on BrownRig
BrownRig Windows Winzip compressed file BrownRig, version 1.c
BrownRig BrownRig-v1c.pdf PDF File User's Guide
G77 Compressed File (unzip) g77 executable
G77 Compressed File (unzip) g77 libraries
G77 Compressed File (unzip) g77 documentation
G77 g77instructions.pdf MSDOS/Win executable (unzip) Brief instructions for g77

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